Honest Elementor Review 2024 (No clickbait) Summary of Elementor website builder review Elementor website builder performance still stands at the top within WordPress page builders list. Correctly built websites have great page score both on mobile and desktop. Elementor offers 40+ content modules which are more than enough for simple business websites to small blogs. However stepping into Elementor Pro opens up unlimited design customization and concepts such as custom headers, and WooCommerce full customization theme building for just a small price of $59 a year. If you are looking for the best WordPress page builder that stands out with great page designs, easy-to-use drag and drop, no code then you have found it, Elementor. My experience with Elementor website builder goes way back in years and I have designed bespoke websites for clients from mid-sized clients to corporate clients with sophisticated website functionalities. Here is a list of few aspects of Elementor that we will talk about What is Elementor Elementor is a free WordPress builder that will assist you in creating amazing websites using the drag and drop feature and it comes with tons of free templates that you can easily import and customize then you will have a complete fully functional website within a few clicks. Comparing Elementor to WordPress Gutenberg editor Elementor website builder is easy to use and its user interface is intuitive and friendly compared to Gutenberg editor. It has more than enough elements to come up with any kind of website. On the other hand, WordPress Gutenberg editor was built into core WordPress. Plugins and themes are more likely to be compatible with Gutenberg than Elementor but its not that friendly and has lots of limitations i.e. code customizations, limited elements, and limited functionality which are easily overcomed by Elementor. Is Elementor the Best? There are a lot of WordPress page builders including. But among the long list of WordPress builders, Elementor website builder stands out to be the best and easy to use with a very easy learning curve. This is a honest opinion from my over 10 years’ experience with Elementor. In my perspective, if you are looking to develop great websites and need to customize every aspect of it then Elementor Pro is the best page builder for you. Elementor Pros and Cons Pros Cons There is this myth that element slows down website performance, from my experience I have tested Elementors performance and found amazing results using Google pagespeed tools, GTMetrix and here are the results. I haven’t used any site optimization plugin like WP Rocket. If I use the plugin it means the performance will improve drastically.` The fact of the matter is that Elementor is popular because its easy to use with easy learning curve. It is used by over 5 million people.